Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Unless otherwise agreed on beforehand by all parties concerned in writing,

Any and all realtor services, which includes the release of any and all confidential information and the introduction and the viewing of real estates arranged by or through us in good faith, are carried out by us with the explicit understanding that a gentleman agreement is in place between us and all parties concerned that when such service leads to the successful conclusion (completion of a sale/purchase or lease) we are entitled to a realtor fee as stipulated in our Fee Guidelines. All information released by us in good faith to our clientele in the course of business are confidential information, which represent a real financial and economical value to us. All parties are hereby kindly reminded not to engage in any act that could be viewed and or construed as circumvention, or pass-on such information to any third party thereby creating undesirable competition in the course of securing a deal, and or a conflict of interest between realtors.

To avoid any misunderstanding, and in compliance to the CEA (Council for Estate Agents);-

• We will always endeavor beforehand to seek clarification about the extent of any service arrangement between our clients and us.

• Adhering to good, transparent, and professional conduct of business, we will always endeavor to seek our clients understanding when we confirm our relation, service, and our Realtor Fee with our clientele.

• We have established a link to the CEA Website on our Website (Useful Links & Information) so as to allow all our clients to inform themselves as best as possible.